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April 12th, 2008

Those Facebook status reports are always either too flip and pithy or too short.

I am sitting in my backyard watching the sun go down, drinking homebrew steam lager and taking scrawled marginal notes for revisions to my HomelessMoon chapbook story. For a hard surface, and occasional inspirational distraction, I’m using ‘s copy of the mindblowingly awesome Art of the Maya Scribe. A gaggle of local kids swarm around me, full of irrational, unanswerable demands such as, if I’m drinking beer now, do I plan to throw up later? and, why would I assign homework to myself?

Eventually, the sun sets, the wind picks up, and I’m driven inside.

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  • lizsmith says:

    …’cause, you know, only reason to drink beer is to throw up.


    Isn’t it nice to be outside and comfortable without twenty-seven layers on?

    I love Spring, but even more, I think I love the seasons changing, regardless of which season it is. Winter to Spring is especially nice, because of the feeling of going from frozen stasis to energetic growth and movement, but I love them all.

  • mjd says:

    🙂 What _do_ they teach kids these days?

    Spring is great. I am starting garden plants from seed for the first time this year (with seeds I saved from last year’s crop), and watching them pop up out of the bare earth and lean towards the light just fills me with a sense of godlike authorial might.

    • lizsmith says:

      I know, I haven’t started anything from seed for a while, but bought some flower seeds on Friday (and managed to walk out with only a handful and not the bagful I might’ve). I’m debating about veggies. I think I might wait and get plants, rather than start from seed–it’s probably too late for tomatoes anyhow and tomatoes are the only thing I care about and they’re often better taken care of when they come from somebody else’s stock. 🙂

      godlike authorial might hahahaha! 😀

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