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Away Message

April 12th, 2008

Those Facebook status reports are always either too flip and pithy or too short.

I am sitting in my backyard watching the sun go down, drinking homebrew steam lager and taking scrawled marginal notes for revisions to my HomelessMoon chapbook story. For a hard surface, and occasional inspirational distraction, I’m using ‘s copy of the mindblowingly awesome Art of the Maya Scribe. A gaggle of local kids swarm around me, full of irrational, unanswerable demands such as, if I’m drinking beer now, do I plan to throw up later? and, why would I assign homework to myself?

Eventually, the sun sets, the wind picks up, and I’m driven inside.

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Literary Beer

October 22nd, 2007

Well, this is some exciting news for me.

Gavin Grant of Small Beer Press (the publisher of INTERFICTIONS, with whom I have been volunteering the occasional day’s work for about two years now and learning a great deal), has invited me to do a guest author series on home brewing over at the SBP blog, Not a journal. Episode 0 is up now, in which I ramble a bit about the relationship between beer and literature. To be followed on an occasional basis whenever there are new developments to report on the brewing front.

Boy do I love rambling about beer.

I’m thinking I’ll syndicate some excerpts in the sidebar somewhere, rather than having to add new posts here everytime I add new ones there.

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