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You wouldn’t guess it reading this blog, but I’m a freelance web designer/developer as well as all those other crazy things it says on the About page. I have an undergraduate CS degree nobody knows about from a middlingly prestigious east coast university. I know PHP, CSS, XML, etc, etc. I made this site and many others using WordPress (the self-hosted .org flavor, not WordPress.com), which I recommend to everybody. But I try not to be too draconian about it, I’m also comfortable with the bloated but powerful Drupal (see e.g. The Common, the Amherst College lit mag’s website, which I made and maintain), the old but reliable MovableType (see ChessMaine.net, three-time Best State Website winner from the Chess Journalists of America) and even Tumblr (e.g. Monstrous Affections). The indie ebookstore Weightless Books is my baby, into which I have poured way more coding time than is good for me, and that runs on WordPress plus a steady trickle of my blood.

The point is, I’ve been doing this for awhile (10+ years now), I’m not bad at it, and I usually can use more of it to do. Without it, I wouldn’t have enough money to keep myself alive, let alone keep writing (which not unlike crime, doesn’t really pay (me) (see that? nested parenthesis, that’s how you know I’m really a programmer)).

So if you like what you see and think you can help me or vice-versa, please drop me a line.