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William-O vs. Santa

August 11th, 2008

(This is not—as can readily be determined by the heart-shaped collar, dazed expression and intact left eye—the Pirate King, but rather Muffin, aka the Floof, aka Moosh-Vazool the Night-Hob. And so on and so forth. But you get the idea.)

As promised (though belatedly): here, in mp3 format suitable for bedtime listening, is my newest story about that lovable, ass-kicking, non-boot-wearing-yet-still-swashbuckling cat, William-O the Pirate King. From the TNEO Slam 2008. Please reproduce, distribute, etc.

William-o the Pirate King in: A Steely-Gray Christmas 3.75 mb.

Oh—and if you’re interested in back issues, the other two audio stories can be had here.

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  • Jeff Howell says:

    Cute kitty! Thanks for sharing the picture. And thanks for posting the latest William-o adventure. I look forward to listening to it tonight, and sharing it with whomever I think of. I’m sure my parents will enjoy it since they’ve attended Odyssey slams in the past and had the pleasure of meeting you and hearing William-o LIVE IN CONCERT ON ICE. I seem to recall you’ve done other William-o recordings, but maybe it was a one-off. I was just thinking it’d be great if you setup a single page or link that listed all the William-o recordings.

  • Jeff Howell says:

    Finished listening. Very enjoyable. Made me laugh several times, funny Santa. Hope it reaches some lucky ears in December.

    • mjd says:

      Yeah, it was weird writing a christmas story in the sweltering heat of a Manchester July. Glad to know it worked at least somewhat!

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