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The Beginning

March 16th, 2007

At long last it has occurred. I am abandoning MovableType in favor of WordPress. You’ll find the old blog archived at http://mossyskull.com/mt.html for nostalgia purposes.

What does this mean for you, faithful reader? Well, if you’re reading this via RSS, you’d better reset your syndication to the following: http://mossyskull.com/?feed=rss2. If you’re happy navigating to it via the web, you shouldn’t have to do anything. I’m going to switch http://www.michaeljdeluca.com/ to point at the WordPress version, and your links won’t be able to tell the difference.

All the comments got transferred. Amazing, isn’t it? And one of the pluses of switching to WordPress is that the Nonsentient Beings haven’t found it yet, so I can leave comment moderation turned off until they do. Be fun to see how long that takes.

Fare Thee Well, Stunted Pine!

Hello, Mossy Skull.

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