John Rocco

Saturday I drove through downtown Boston in torrential thunderstorms to drop off Justin at South Station. Made it back to my parents’ house only mildly soaked, ducked into the kitchen, and what do I find sitting on the table?

It’s the cover art for a YA urban fantasy novel called The Lightning Thief, whose content, judging by the prologue and my mom’s astute appraisal, sadly fails to live up to the quality of the illustration. A little bit shallow, a little bit derivative bandwagon-jumping, though action-packed, I’m sure. Her kids are supposed to be reading it at school. Who makes these decision, I wonder?

Anyhow, I’m content to ignore the attached work of fiction and drool over the cover. A kid with a conch shell and an orange-glowing sword wading through the flooded ruins of Manhattan–what’s not to love?

The artist is John Rocco; his gallery is here.


  1. Thanks again for the ride! I’m reading Alan Weisman’s THE WORLD WITHOUT US and thinking of you. I think you’d like it. It just came out last week. Maybe the Coolidge has it.

  2. Ah, so it’s been one year since our trip to Skanutee. Big hello to your Mom and Dad and sisters from me!

  3. That’s “The Lightening Thief” by Rick Riordan? I know you wanted to ignore it but I’d heard such good things about the series. Mythological heroes in high school sort of plots, I believe. Oh well, this spares me wasting my sparse reading time on another disappointing YA series.

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