Two Point Oh, Bitches

If you’re here, you’ve no doubt noticed the new and improved Mossy Skull layout 2.0. It’s bigger, easier to read, has more pictures and more/better stuff in the sidebar. And the theme css is a lot cleaner and easier to comprehend, and the php jives better with WordPress 2.6 (even though I am still stubbornly running on the safe and reliable 2.3.3). Though that doesn’t really affect you, valued reader, since I am still not sharing it.

I am, however, taking suggestions if you have any.

The Moon in a Barn

So because I happened to be in the right place at the right time, I got the chance to put a new ad for the Homeless Moon chapbook in the upcoming LCRW 22. As a result of the very spur-of-the-moment nature of this windfall (I literally heard about it, sat down to design an ad, and handed it in an hour later), not even my staunch allies, the lunatics, have seen it. But the one person who did (the incalculable Jedediah Berry) assured me it was pretty darn cool, and even expressed a kind regret that there wasn’t anyplace else to show it off.

“Aha,” said I, “but there is!”

Hope you like it.