Mia Couto

“And listening to Tuahir’s dreams, with the noises of war in the background, he begins to think: they should invent a gentle, more affable gunpowder, capable of exploding men without killing them. An inverse powder, which would generate more life. And out of one exploded man, the infinity of men within him would be born.”
Mia Couto, Sleepwalking Land

Mountains of the Moon

Twenty degrees of solitude
Twenty degrees in all
All the dancing kings & wives
assembled in the hall
Lost is the long & lonely time
Fairy Sybil flying
All along the all along
the Mountains of the Moon
Robert Hunter

Desert Thinking

I came across this excellent article, whose argument about God and environmentalism and the advance of mankind runs very close to the ideas that inspired a story I’m writing, “The Tarrying Messenger”.

Desert Thinking: Religion and Environmental Crisis by Chuck Groom

This is an emotionally precarious subject for me, as you will no doubt be aware if you’ve read at all into the backlog of this blog. I’m already worried I’ll let the ideas run away with the story and turn it into a preachy mess, which will in turn force me to abandon the ideas and turn the story into something else. So please follow the link, and let this guy’s persuasive talents accomplish what mine have not.

“Assuredly the creation
of the heavens
And the earth
Is a greater matter
Than the creation of humankind;
Yet most people understand it not.”
–Koran, S.60.57, trans. Abdullah Yusaf Ali.