WriteFest Schedule 2019

This weekend I’ll be at WriteFest in Houston, Texas. Look, they interviewed me!

Here as usual,  for my own reference and note-taking convenience, is my schedule.

Take a Stand: Activism through the Authorial Mask

Time: Friday – 1:30-2:30
Room: The Lamott Room
Presenters: Catherine Vance, Mack Little, Michael Deluca, Sage Webb (M)

Activist fiction allows writers to explore issues of social justice, cultural epidemics, uncommon perspectives, and more. How do we take a stand in our writing in a way that reaches people without pushing them away? What place does this type of writing have in our communities? Join our panel to discuss the impact of activist fiction and how we can incorporate these reformative topics in our stories and poems.

Preservation & Re-creation: Writing About Nature and the Environment

Time: Friday – 4:00-5:00
Room: The LeGuin Room
Panelists: Elizabeth White-Olsen, Jody T. Morse (M), Marianne Dysen, Michael Deluca

Whether you love gardening in your backyard or traversing the trails of your imagination, writing down your experiences with nature helps preserve our environment. The writers on this panel

will discuss writing that enriches, engages, and encourages readers to care about the worlds they recreate on the page, the world we share, and beyond.

Publishing Online: Viral Stories and Why Print’s Not Queen Anymore

Time: Sat – 1:30-2:30
Room: The Chaucer Room
Presenters: Chelsea Voulgares (M), Georgia Pearle, Icess Fernandez Rojas, Joshua Foster, Michael Deluca

Many authors choose to publish exclusively in print journals. But ignoring the world of online publishing can mean you lose out on major opportunities. Learn why you should be submitting to online publications and how they differ from print-only publications.

Readercon Schedule

Sadly I can only be at Readercon this year for Thursday and Friday. I’m missing a lot of great stuff, including the Odyssey reading on Saturday afternoon at 2. And it looks like there won’t be a Homeless Moon chapbook this time around.

On the other hand, they’ve given me what may be the perfect single day con schedule: on Friday afternoon I have two panels on the intersection of fiction writing and ebook publishing, and in the evening a solo reading where I get to read a story along the same theme. This never happens to me: an excuse to hit my talking points. An excuse to appear as though I have talking points! Huzzah.

Update: I think I’ll put my panel notes up here so people can find the few links I’ve got in there and struggle to follow along if they like. See below.

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Turkey, Heron, Vulture, Rail

Ocellated Turkey, Meleagris ocellata

Great egret, Ardea alba, in the breakwater swamps inland of Monterrico.

A black vulture, Coragyps atratus, on the ruins of Temple 1.

I think this is a tyrant flycatcher, Tyrannus verticalis. They nest in the western US in the summer.

And a gray-necked wood-rail or chiricote, Aramides cajanea. These were super hilarious to watch walking around with their little tail-feather tuft and their bizarro backwards knees. They are lowland marsh birds, no doubt prayed upon by the caimán–of which I have a picture somewhere.

Getting to the end of the Guate pictures, though. I’ll save that one for last.

Fine thing about these Guatemala pictures…I get to gaze on their green jewel-eyed wonder and not think about how spring is not yet here and there’s still snow in the hills. Going to the Smith Bulb Show this week–another ritual of anticipation.