Writing Spider

Argiope aurantia

Yes, it is actually called that. Because of the white jagged line it sews into its web, which I suppose is for stability, but on the other hand may be there in order to contribute to the already hypnotic effect had by the tattoo on its back depicting the spider’s Lovecraftian collective alien hive-mind deity, Atlach-Nacha, aka Iktomi, aka Xochiquetzal.

More Butterflies and a Crawly

Atlantis fritillary

Another Vanessa atalanta

And in the interest of it being the season of crawlies:

I actually have a way bigger and hairier crawly than this, but in the interest of not scaring away my loyal readership I will save it for a bleaker and more evil hallowe’en. Though perhaps by then the change in climate will have given me an excuse to begin celebrating dia de los muertos in its stead. And for that one really would rather have photos of skulls.