King Philip's Rock

King Philip’s Rock aka South Sugarloaf, from River Road in Whately, MA. This is only one of many rocks purportedly belonging to King Philip between here and the Atlantic. Not unlike inns proclaiming “Washington slept here”–except of course that all those rocks actually did belong to King Philip, aka Metacomet, a sachem of the Wampanoag.

I’m thinking of doing a little climatological observation. I took this the last week in October. Every three months I’ll take a photo from the same spot. I wonder what will happen.

Pumpkins, Labyrinths

This is the original Cretan labyrinth figure that is to be found all over the Mediterranean on ancient coins, texts, a wall-painting in Pompeii, a petroglyph in Sardinia, dating back as far as 2500 BC.

I must say it does look rather dashing on a pumpkin not to mention spooky. Though I suspect the little kids who came to my door lacked the background in classical myth required to appreciate it.

The version I referred to for this carving (just in case you want to make your own) is here.

More Butterflies and a Crawly

Atlantis fritillary

Another Vanessa atalanta

And in the interest of it being the season of crawlies:

I actually have a way bigger and hairier crawly than this, but in the interest of not scaring away my loyal readership I will save it for a bleaker and more evil hallowe’en. Though perhaps by then the change in climate will have given me an excuse to begin celebrating dia de los muertos in its stead. And for that one really would rather have photos of skulls.