Readercon/TNEO/Chapbook Update

Readercon was pretty fun. It may have been the first con I’ve attended where I didn’t feel weird, awkward or out of place hardly at all. And to think, it only took five years…and some beer…to achieve! I appeared disguised in mutton-chop extensions and a false Scottish accent on a “Future of Short Fiction Markets” panel, drank a lot of fine beer (no Brick Red though, disappointingly!) with a lot of fine people, read from “Between Two Treasons” at a packed Beneath Ceaseless Skies reading, and sat sheepishly behind the Small Beer table taking credit by proxy for all their wonderful new stuff and repeatedly forgetting to give away Daily Planners and talk up Weightless Books.

We did in fact get The Homeless Moon 3 Chapbook out in time. Barely in time, but it happened! And they went like hotcakes. I printed about 200 and ended up with less than 50. And then I gave away a bunch more to the Odyssey 2010 class at the TNEO mixer. Not many left. Get one now!

Here it is in its natural habitat in our suite at TNEO:

Tomorrow night (sorry for the short notice—you know how I am with these announcement things), I’ll be reading a new William-o poem at the TNEO Flash Fiction Slam, starting at 6:00 PM at the Manchester, NH Barnes & Noble. I’ll be joined by other fine Odyssey grads including my pal Scott H. Andrews, Hannah Strom-Martin (whose story “Father Pena’s Last Dance” appears in this month’s Realms of Fantasy, Barbara A. Barnett, Rita Oakes, Ellen Denham and many others. Here’s a map. Please come by and say hello!

William-O vs. Santa

(This is not—as can readily be determined by the heart-shaped collar, dazed expression and intact left eye—the Pirate King, but rather Muffin, aka the Floof, aka Moosh-Vazool the Night-Hob. And so on and so forth. But you get the idea.)

As promised (though belatedly): here, in mp3 format suitable for bedtime listening, is my newest story about that lovable, ass-kicking, non-boot-wearing-yet-still-swashbuckling cat, William-O the Pirate King. From the TNEO Slam 2008. Please reproduce, distribute, etc.

William-o the Pirate King in: A Steely-Gray Christmas 3.75 mb.

Oh—and if you’re interested in back issues, the other two audio stories can be had here.


Oh, I almost forgot. Today is international Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch day (or something like that, see the original post about it by Jo Walton), which I think is some kind of mass protest about the grumpy old man comments of Howard V. Hendrix, the outgoing vice-president of SFWA, on how people who offer up their fiction on the internet are selling their souls for free. Basically, it’s an experiment. We are supposed to give away fiction on the internet and see if we still have souls. I am cheating a bit with my contribution, giving away an mp3 audio recording of a story so that I still retain the right to sell the text.

Odyssey peoples will no doubt recognize this from the TNEO Slam 2006.

William-O the Pirate King in: The Rodent Revenge (10 Mb, right-click to download)

I do not normally write cat mysteries.


I am back, my allies. Boy has it been awhile. Post-Odyssey Slump felt like it segued quite seamlessly into Computer Hit by Lightning. Things got a bit tight. Better now.

So! A fun bit of publicity for me–Gwyneth Marner’s radio show “The Grain of your Voice”, on Valley Free Radio at 8 AM on Mondays, recently was so kind as to air a story of mine–William-o the Pirate King in: “Of Mice and Machinations.” I have an mp3 of the recording here; drop me an email if you’re interested in hearing it.

Lots more new stuff to come. New pictures, the rest of the dreams. Maybe me figuring out what the heck RSS is.

I carved a pumpkin: