For all those of you, my beloved early readers, who remember, whether with fondness or disquiet, those lovable, disturbing, unfathomably evil, shotgun-toting, buggering gay cannibal centaurs: Beneath Ceaseless Skies has bought a centaur story! Specifically, “Of Thinking Being and Beast”, which is one of my favorites. I am psyched. Not only because the centaurs occupy a special place in the blackest portion of my heart, but also because Beneath Ceaseless Skies promises to be such a kick ass online magazine, where the centaurs will share the page with the likes of Charles Coleman Finlay, Chris Wilrich, Yoon Ha Lee, Margaret Ronald, and so on with suchlike awesomeness. See the announcement here on their forums, where you can also have a look at all the other great stuff that is forthcoming.


  1. Excellent! I’ve yet to read a Centaur story but I’ve certainly heard about their universe.

    Congrats on the sale!

    1. Thanks!
      I could drop a hint…but that might ruin it.
      A little hint. It’s the one with Boreas the satyr who runs the menagerie. I am not sure if you read it or not.

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