The Moon in a Barn

So because I happened to be in the right place at the right time, I got the chance to put a new ad for the Homeless Moon chapbook in the upcoming LCRW 22. As a result of the very spur-of-the-moment nature of this windfall (I literally heard about it, sat down to design an ad, and handed it in an hour later), not even my staunch allies, the lunatics, have seen it. But the one person who did (the incalculable Jedediah Berry) assured me it was pretty darn cool, and even expressed a kind regret that there wasn’t anyplace else to show it off.

“Aha,” said I, “but there is!”

Hope you like it.


  1. So here’s a question: if we don’t have the fortune of being at ReaderCon, how can we get our hands on one of these puppies? The chapbook, obviously, not the ad. 😉

    1. Have no fear, Shara. You will get one with bows on.

      We’ve sort of been ruminating on whether to put the chapbook on Amazon or something like for a token fee after the initial release. Not sure where we are with that.

  2. Ah, “the lunatics”–I love it! As though we’re all standing outside that beautifully listing barn, howling at the moon. 🙂

    1. I thought about “moonites”, but that yields unfortunate reference to that wacko bomb scare thing that happened in boston. Loonies? That would make Jay happy.

  3. Love it! Very cool indeed.

    And if I fail to make it to ReaderCon, perhaps I can steal one from the lunatic Mr. Howe.

    1. Actually at the moment I have a whole different cover in mind for the actual chapbook… though I do like the way this ad looks very much. Mebe I should post the cover too and solicit feedback as to which people prefer?

      I just hate to be leaning too hard on my own horn, when my graphic design skills in most cases can be called competent at best.

      1. Okay, I wasn’t paying attention where you said it was an ad, but I do think this is a great image. So toot away!

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