We Do It Again

The Homeless Moon is making another chapbook. There isn’t much to show for it yet except for nebulous intangibles such as this here non-final cover:

However, from where I sit, I am pretty sure this one is going to blow last year’s out of the water. Conspicuous absence of marauding robot spiders aside.

A chapbook, in case you were wondering, is an embodiment of the do-it-yourself spirit in ink-and-paper form with a long and storied past. The term may in the near future become obsolete, once all our short story reading material comes to us in the form of iPhone periodicals, but it’s been around nearly as long as the printing press, used to denote any cheap, loosely-bound, disposable printed material intended for the edification and entertainment of the masses. Basically, a chapbook is a step up from a pamphlet, a step down from a zine. Pamphlets, as I understand it, are designed to convince people of something—for example, that fire and brimstone await if they don’t change their evil ways. A zine, on the other hand, is art—of the underground, fist-clenching rebel variety. I think we of the Moon will be satisfied if our chapbook manages to entertain.

I hope that clears things up.


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