I'll be obsessing about 2012 if this keeps up.

From another article heaping Gore with praise for his Nobel Prize, but trumpeting zero significant policy changes:

Transportation specialist David Green said the Nobel recognition accomplishes two things.

“I think it makes it that much more difficult for people who don’t want to address this problem to say it is not necessary to do so,” he said. “It also gives an impetus to all countries around the world to work on the problem more seriously.”

Green said the Nobel committee recognized that climate change is much more than an environmental issue. It could lead to disputes over water, rising sea levels and changing habitats. It could lead to war.

I think transportation specialist David Green may be my new best friend… Though I have to wonder who actually said that last sentence. Was it Green? Or maybe the Nobel people? Or was it the AP? I’d want to give them all a big wet smack on the lips if they wouldn’t all try so hard to sound like they hadn’t said it.

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