%@#! Apple Greenwashing

Greenwashing is the despicable practice of spending a bunch of ad money to make it look like you did something to reduce your corporation’s environmental impact without actually doing anything to reduce your corporation’s environmental impact.

This is Apple’s new ad for the MacBook Pro.

Claims it makes:

  • Made with recyclable aluminum.
  • Uses a quarter of the power of an incandescent lightbulb.
  • No mercury or arsenic used in display manufacturing (LED instead of CCFL).

How we are being bullshitted into feeling better about buying their expensive, beautiful, elegantly designed, decadent, capitalist luxury fetish objects:

So what exactly is this ad telling us? That Apple knows damn well it has us hooked already and doesn’t need to do a damn thing to keep our loyalty, even in these troubled times, beyond throwing us a bone to ease our troubled conscience. That Apple is taking pretty much the same stance on global warming as the Bush administration: sidestep the issue until somebody forces them to act.

What else could they be doing with all the bank they’re making as the tech industry once again proves itself recession-proof? How about a sponsored computer recycling program? How about spending some of their %@#! ad budget on some research and development? How about voluntarily making their whole operation carbon-positive?

If it wasn’t Apple and I didn’t already love them and what they do, I wouldn’t be so pissed off about this.

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