Hot Enough For You?

Back from Readercon, we return you to your regularly scheduled environmentalist ranting.

I was just reading Bill McKibben‘s new Rolling Stone article about how we all got bored of global warming in 2009 but it kept happening even though we stopped looking at it and now we’re square f’ed. I’m disappointed the rhetoric isn’t firier or the content fresher—I’ve got a lot of hopes riding on that guy. The gist is predictable. Record high temperatures, oil companies hell-bent on destruction, money = speech = control = horrible juggernaut negative feedback loop of doom. Need I explain? The more we (the angry/helpless) do to discourage reckless consumption, the more expensive reckless consumption becomes, the more appealing it becomes, the more money the producers make, the better able they are to pay for control of the regulators and the regulations, the angrier and more helpless we (the angry/helpless) become.

To simplify: It gets hotter. We buy more air conditioners. Repeat.

Until I go completely nuts like Manny from Black Books.

All of which put me in mind of a bumper sticker I see everywhere around Detroit:

I understand the sentiment, believe me, especially in Southeastern Michigan. On the other hand, come on. Our foreign cars are all built in America. And at least up until the auto bailout, for lack of another option, if it hadn’t been for the foreign car companies we’d all have been driving SUVs.

Which, in turn, made crafting the following seem like a no-brainer:

Available in bumper sticker AND car magnet forms from my new CafePress store, Angry Environmentalism. All proceeds (if any) to go to an angry environmentalist charity to be named later.

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