Those Pagan Wackos

“Have you seen the Jack-in-the-Green?
With his long tail hanging down
He quietly sits under every tree —
in the folds of his velvet gown.
He drinks from the empty acorn cup
the dew that dawn sweetly bestows.
And taps his cane upon the ground —
signals the snowdrops it’s time to grow.”
–Ian Anderson, Jack-in-the-Green

My only real complaint about this article is why couldn’t they have found somebody to interview who wasn’t drinking a vodka and red bull? I would be drinking mead, if I had any mead. Or, you know, eating fly agaric and standing on my head, though that seems a lot less likely. I went hiking today. You wouldn’t believe how many great ideas I came up with out there. Maybe my quote of the day ought to be:

Move me brightly
Light the song with scents and color
Hold away despair”
–Robert Hunter, Terrapin Station

Happy Solstice.

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  1. “So rise up Jock and sing your song
    For the summer is short and the winter long
    Let’s all join hands and form a chain
    Till the leaves of springtime bloom again.”

    The rest of this song is here:
    Unfortunately, you won’t hear the tune.

    Jock = Jack-in-the-Green. It’s a modern song but it tells the story of a traditional Mummers’ play wherein somebody (or bodies) get killed and brought back to life again so that the wheel of the year can continue turning (it’s actually a Winter Solstice sort of thing). Maybe you know about that sort of thing already, but I’d thought I’d mention it since you posted about England and Stonehenge and all. And yeah, Vodka and Red Bull…ew.

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