Maize God Bows to Death God

Maize God trying forlornly to get used to his new winter abode on the window-bench above the Sandman comics.

This week I declared garden season officially over, so dug up and brought in some herbs: chives, parsley, rosemary, basil, and oregano. Maize God, Owl and Jasper came in too. Though the lemon thyme is still out there waiting. Ran out of potting medium. Amazingly, though there has been frost practically every night for the last couple of weeks, the sun gold tomato plant in the pot outside my front door still produces a new tomato every few days. Not the most delicious tomato ever, but I am impressed with its resilience.

We had a monster of a windstorm last night—one of those weird, last-gasp summer thunderstorms where the power goes out, the branches batter the window screens, and it’s 30 degrees warmer than it ought to be. Which is how I found myself sitting about drinking barleywine in the dark, flipping through precolombian art books by candlelight for pumpkin-carving inspiration, and taking low-light photos of my apartment to pass the time.

Look what popped up in my email this morning, thanks to my “mossy skull” Google alert:

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