Chapbook 4, Readercon, Beer, Updatey

Against all odds, there will be a Homeless Moon chapbook number four. I just sent it off to the printer. This year’s theme is a shared world generation ship, though I suspect you’d be hard pressed to guess that from the stories alone. We’re very different writers—it’s our shared hell-bent-ness that holds us together—and it’s awesome. As usual (though likely for the last time), I’ll have 200 copies to hand out at Readercon, and when those are gone, there will be ebooks on the HM site and at Weightless Books.

Here’s a cover we decided not to go with:

Space Octopus!

Readercon, by the way, is next week, and I have a ton of stuff going on. My schedule looks like this:

11:00 AM Friday – What Writing Workshops Do and Don’t Offer.
2:00 PM Saturday – Three Messages and a Warning group reading. This is Small Beer’s Mexican SF anthology, which I hyped up at last year’s Readercon. I translated two stories for it and have read a bunch of others, all fascinating, very different, surprising stuff.
2:30 PM Saturday – Beneath Ceaseless Skies group reading.
3:30 PM Saturday – My solo reading, wherein I shall read my Apex #23 story, “The Eater”.

I’ll also be at the Small Beer table in the dealer’s room quite a bit, and hopefully at Kelly and Gavin’s Kaffeklatsch, where awesome not-so-very-secret things will occur. This summer marks Small Beer’s tenth anniversary. I think there are t-shirts to celebrate the occasion. I have also brewed a beer. O it is an exciting beer I am having to struggle very hard not to crack open and drink. I wrote a Literary Beer entry about it.

And then—even then, after Readercon, it still is not done, because then I’ll be at another reading on Thursday the 21st at the NEIA Library in Brookline for the new LCRW #27, which also happens to be coming out at Readercon.

And then that same day I move.


  1. Congrats on the new chapbook!

    I gasped when I saw the octopus–I thought you’d raided my house. I have a stuffed octopus that looks almost like that one. Her name is Octavia and she’s anatomically correct–meaning she has a beak on the underside where an octopus’s mouth is supposed to be. My cats sometimes drag her around by her head.

  2. Oh, great cover! This one really appeals to me! I feel bad though, because I never got to the one last year (timing ended up being that I got the sucker right about the time I was sent to the hospital to join the “We don’t need no stinking gallbladder!” club, and it kind of got lost in the reading shuffle.). I still HAVE it though, and want to get around to it!

    1. Sorry to hear about your stinking gallbladder! 🙂

      I like this cover a lot…but it is not the one we actually picked. Which makes me worry that everybody likes it so much! I hope you like the actual cover too….

      Still plenty of time to review chapbook 3 if you want, but no worries. The important thing is you reviewed Erin’s book. 🙂

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