Dancing Crow Pumpkin

This may or may not be my official pumpkin carving for the season. I have wild ambitions for something really complicated, a cylindrical frieze featuring the Mayan death god. But that will require several hours of dedicated free time, and considering how neglected this here blog has been of late, such time may never materialize.

So just in case I never get around to it: Happy Hallowe’en! Grab that fiddle and a jug of barley-wine and head down to the fields for a moon dance!

Cold Mountain water
the jade merchant’s daughter
Mountains of the Moon,
Elektra, bow and bend to me
Hi ho the Carrion Crow
Hi Ho the Carrion Crow
Bow and bend to me

—Robert Hunter, “Mountains of the Moon”


  1. Oh, very nice!
    Fingers crossed for the frieze too, but have to say I’m already impressed with your perhaps non-official pumpkin carving. 🙂
    Happy almost All Hallows to you too!

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