Sublimation, "Starlings", and Mandragora

Apologies for the sparseness in posts of late, and in particular for the dropping off in volume of observational literary profundity. I too have undertaken some new year’s seasonal self-scrutiny and subsequent knuckling down. I took a gig reading submissions for Strange Horizons recently; it’s only a matter of a few hours a week, but like everything else has carved away a little of my blogging time.

What else is going on?

It’s been so persistently cold here (-9 F was the worst I actually went outside in) that on Friday morning, the Connecticut River was completely iced over, and a weird fog of sublimated water crystals hung over everything as if it were 50 degrees warmer. Today, the weather snapped. It snowed some deep fluff and even got above freezing around noontime. I ran around without a hat. Woo.

The second quarter 2009 edition of Abyss & Apex will feature an SF short story I wrote for TNEO ’07, “Starlings”. And I believe “Of Thinking Being and Beast” will be live at Beneath Ceaseless Skies within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I can muster the energy to post about that when it happens.

Meanwhile, I’ve got two new stories in need of editing and two in need of some serious finishing. Plenty of knuckling down still to be done.

And that’s about it. Sorry I have nothing more exciting for you. If you’re bored, why not go read about how to properly harvest mandrake root without being driven mad by its banshee-shriek.

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