William-O vs. Santa

(This is not—as can readily be determined by the heart-shaped collar, dazed expression and intact left eye—the Pirate King, but rather Muffin, aka the Floof, aka Moosh-Vazool the Night-Hob. And so on and so forth. But you get the idea.)

As promised (though belatedly): here, in mp3 format suitable for bedtime listening, is my newest story about that lovable, ass-kicking, non-boot-wearing-yet-still-swashbuckling cat, William-O the Pirate King. From the TNEO Slam 2008. Please reproduce, distribute, etc.

William-o the Pirate King in: A Steely-Gray Christmas 3.75 mb.

Oh—and if you’re interested in back issues, the other two audio stories can be had here.


  1. Cute kitty! Thanks for sharing the picture. And thanks for posting the latest William-o adventure. I look forward to listening to it tonight, and sharing it with whomever I think of. I’m sure my parents will enjoy it since they’ve attended Odyssey slams in the past and had the pleasure of meeting you and hearing William-o LIVE IN CONCERT ON ICE. I seem to recall you’ve done other William-o recordings, but maybe it was a one-off. I was just thinking it’d be great if you setup a single page or link that listed all the William-o recordings.

      1. Thanks for the link! I’ll send that to some friends & family to spread the enjoyment 🙂 Hope you have a great week.

  2. Finished listening. Very enjoyable. Made me laugh several times, funny Santa. Hope it reaches some lucky ears in December.

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, it was weird writing a christmas story in the sweltering heat of a Manchester July. Glad to know it worked at least somewhat!

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