With the kind participation of some wonderful writers, I have cobbled together a podcast of the INTERFICTIONS story teasers that were performed aloud at Readercon 18.

The October episode features Vandana Singh‘s “Hunger”.

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Links to the MP3s podcast thus far (right-click to download):
“Hunger” – Vandana Singh (7.5 Mb)
“Black Feather” – K. Tempest Bradford (8.4 Mb)
“A Dirge for Prester John” – Catherynne M. Valente (7.9 Mb)


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  1. Just finished listening to “Black Feather”. It was quite enjoyable. The sound quality was good, I was afraid there’d be crowd noise so I’m glad it was very clear. Since I have the interfiction anthology I’ll go check out the rest of this story. I like the teaser idea, good way to get a lot of variety then decide whether I want to go finish the story or not.

    I hope more people from Odyssey listen, because it brought me back to the time of our Slam reading events. So I thank you for that.

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