Interfictions Reviews – "The Shoes in SHOES' Window"

“The Shoes in SHOES’ Window”
Anna Tambour

Balances somewhere on the cusp of Kafka, Gogol and Mother Goose. And maybe Zamyatin. Oh, all kinds of interstitial. I’m pretty sure that’s why it’s in here–because it’s a flagbearer for all things between the cracks. A story about the questionable joy and temporary relief associated with the creation of a new category among a society of blind and ruthless categorizers, delivered with a delightfully tongue-in-cheek propriety. This story almost says everything I was going to say about why I love and hate the Interstitial Arts movement and everything it stands for. Though that’s not what Ms. Tambour says it says in her little explanatory paragraph. She redirects her story’s wry ire, away from the act of wedging a new category into the cracks between the old, to the hopelessly rigid system which necessitates it. But then who can blame her.

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