Funnel Cloud

“Funnel clouds sighted in western Mass.” —

This picture was taken in Sunderland half a mile from where I live, in the backyard of a farmstand that sells me zucchini and ice cream.


For two days straight now, on the old Dingle road, we find dead butterflies, Monarchs, their wings stiff and bright, the soft black butter of their bodies wriggling with ants. Angels, tigers. The natural industry of dying.

—Sean Reagan at Douglas A. Martin’s Shoes, who seems to have accepted my meme challenge.

Woo western Mass!


    1. I think everybody’s safe–according to the article, they aren’t even sure if it touched down. But I want to go hiking up there in the woods where it showed up and see if I can find evidence.
      I agree it is pretty awesome.

  1. Wow, amazing that you got that shot! I heard one was sighted a little south of here, and also in New Salem heading for Shutesbury.

    Also, I also intend to take you up on your meme challenge–just need some time to sit down and write!

    1. 🙂 Sadly this is not my photo, though I am indeed insanely jealous…it was taken by the lady who owns the farmstand. Click the image for the article.

      I look forward to reading your summer small pleasures!

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