I Got Nothing

I could pretend like I had given blogging up for Lent…and facebook and livejournal and twitter and various forums et cetera…but I doubt it would be very convincing.

The truth is, all that other stuff I put in my Beneath Ceaseless Skies bio has sort of taken over my attentions, as it is wont to do come spring to Western Mass. The last chunks of ice are as we speak dissolving from the shadows in my backyard, the bizarre array of seeds in the flats on my windowsill are mustering their energy to sprout, the yeast in my pail of Belgian wit is fermenting merrily away, the maple beer is delicious, and so is the bread. And the writing isn’t going all that bad either. The centaur research, in particular, is fascinating. I just can’t seem to scrape together the time or the brain cells to share any of it here.

Instead, I shall direct you to Justin Howe’s recent series of blog posts on Tor.com, all of which are way more interesting than anything I would have said here anyway.

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