SOPA/PIPA Blackout

It’s amazing to see all these huge cultural institutions (Google, Wikpedia) standing up for freedom on the internet. And I’m happy to stand up with them (Weightless is participating too).

However I am more than a little disappointed that there was no such uprising a couple weeks ago when it was time to defend actual individual freedom from the NDAA. I guess when they come to take me away, at least I’ll have the comfort of knowing Google is still out there fighting the good fight. Great.

If I’d given myself a little more time to plan this out you’d see here one of those empty Anonymous suits with a skull floating on top.

Ahh, hell.


  1. Thanks for the blog post and cool skull image. Yeah it is disappointing about the NDAA. But I tell myself maybe if this current black out movement gains traction, it can be used against successfully. Most people are very short term thinkers, if it doesn’t impact them that second with something tangible they want, it goes over their head. So the more people are helped to see the long term side, exercise that muscle, hopefully the better and stronger they will get. It has atrophied too much in America. Fortunately we are in an election cycle with very few tangible things people can talk about. Jobs, Security, great big concepts, but specifics like stupid legislation being passed about helping some company protest their MP3 … the public will see that as a waste and distraction, unless they are too busy listening to said MP3.

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