Tangent Online Reviews "Hope and Erosion"

Tangent Online, that touchstone of the internet’s spec-fic readership, has reviewed the heroic lay I wrote, “Hope and Erosion”, which Dragons, Knights & Angels ran as their lead story for July.

Dragons, Knights, & Angels, #34 by Donna Watkins, August 6th, 2006.

She liked it! Not only did she like it, she gave it more words than anybody else in the issue. Three whole paragraphs. Very exciting.

Interestingly, like almost everybody who critiqued this for me (with the notable exception of the WriteShop folks, who saw the first incarnation, wherein I’d made it blatantly obvious), Ms. Watkins didn’t catch on to the allegory underlying this story. She wonders why the Hermit could breathe underwater. I like what she said, though: “However, once under the waves, what he sees and experiences makes up for this overlooked detail”. It’s nice to know I can leave some things subtle and rely on the quality of the writing to carry people along.

Some people, anyway.

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  1. CONGRATS MIKE! VERY KICK ASS! Be sure to keep this review on file for your press kit in the future.

    Wave your freak flag high!



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