Things to Crow About

Jay Ridler’s story “Blue Harvest” is up in the November 2008 issue of the online horror zine Nossa Morte. And it is awesome. Prose honed to a point you could play records off of. A story worth learning from.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies, the new online magazine of literary adventure fantasy, has started doing podcasts. The first one is Yoon Ha Lee’s rich and decadent “Architectural Constants”.

Benjamin Parzybok, whose debut novel Couch I got to read while it was still in production at Small Beer Press (and which is so mindblowingly cool I wish I had written it), is doing a New England reading tour. I get to go see him November 20th at Amherst Books.

I suppose I could crow about Obama, too… but I won’t. Not that I’m not overjoyed he got in, and that he’s getting a cute little mongrel shelter puppy for the white house… but I see the results of the ballot in California, the smarmy self-congratulatory smiles of pundits, and I just can’t believe everything’s suddenly going to be all right. 15 billion a year for energy research? How much are we spending per day in Iraq? Has anybody ever bothered to calculate the carbon emissions of a bunker-buster? Feh.

Hem. Sorry. Not trying to ruin it for anybody. It’s a good thing I have fiction, or I’d be a hard person to live with.

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