NIGHT ROLL Release Party

I wrote a novella, NIGHT ROLL, about Detroit bike culture. It comes out Oct 15th.

Join us on October 15th, 7PM EST via Zoom - NIGHT ROLL Book Launch - Stelliform Press and Michael J. DeLuca in Conversation: Urban Renewal, Bikes & the Role of Fairy Tales in Rebuilding Communities + a Musical Guest and Author Reading!

You might have noticed these are kind of hard times for new books coming out, what with everything being either on fire or having a hurricane or an army of delusional self-aggrandizing racists barreling at it with another one hot on its heels. But we need new books. We need worlds to escape into, even for a little while, to refresh and replenish us to keep fighting for this one. We need ideas, new, big ideas for how to stop all this, and we need wonderful, old, lost ideas that got pushed aside for shinier, now-doomed ones to resurge and reignite. This is what I do, I feel confident in saying at this point. It’s what RECKONING is for, and I daresay it’s everything I’m ever going to write again until fascism is put down, all the coral reefs grow back and I never have to hear the words “fire tornado” again.

So I’m going to celebrate this new book. Because it’s mine, because it’s my first with my name on the cover, because it’s about radical community-building among the ruins of extractive capitalism collapsing as we watch, because it’s about the history of white supremacy and the resistance to it, because it’s about the promise of a magical Other space, outside of time, from which, if you can just get there, everything makes sense. I would love for you to join me.

Head over to Stelliform’s site to sign up for the super cool, multi-talented launch event (featuring music from Emily Houk, Mansuda Arora reading an awesome essay about Detroit beset by pandemic, and me, reading and also talking about ideas, stories, bikes, climate, community-building and the future), get a chance to win Detroit-themed prizes (books by Zig Zag Claybourne, adrienne maree brown, Kathe Koja, and the late, incredible Grace Lee Boggs; art by Jeff Powers; plus an old timey cycling map print from the Detroit Historical Society), and maybe buy a book (get it signed and in 100% pcr recycled physical form).

See you there, I hope.

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