Aurelian of Aquileia

Would you see what no human eyes have seen? Look upon the moon. Would you hear what no ears have heard? Hearken to the cry of the bird. Would you touch what no hands have touched? Put your hand to the earth. Verily I say to you that the moment of God’s creation of the world is yet to come.
–Aurelian of Aquileia


    1. Ok, I looked this up. It’s from Borges’ story “The Theologians”, in the collection The Aleph and Other Stories. The quote is absurdly removed from context—its a parenthetical demonstration by the medieval theologian Aurelian intended to show the absurdity of attempting to prove that every instant in the history of time is distinct from every other. But I love it none the less.

      Borges was a fan of Lovecraft, and even wrote one Lovecraft homage with an uncanny furniture-devouring alien, so it’s completely possible he was at least aware of Howard. But a lot of Howard’s place names are pulled from the same sources–mythical histories of faraway lands as recorded by cloistered medieval scholars. So who knows.

      1. I was just fucking with you. Aquileia sounds like one of the place names in Conan. I think he eventually becomes the king there.

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