Overgrown Temples

For no particular reason other than I’m impatient for spring and green growing things, and I happen to have a head full of ideas about god, nature, and reincarnation, and it’s driving me insane. And it was my turn to post on Homeless Moon.

Ta Phrom Temple, Cambodia. ‘Cause I happen to be reading Geoff Ryman’s The King’s Last Song.

Caspar David Friedrich, Ruin at Eldena

Frederick Catherwood, Teocallis, at Chichen Itza

Rob Alexander, The Temple Garden. The obligatory Magic card art.

Old Sheldon Church Ruins, Beaufort County, South Carolina

This one’s mine. From the ruins of Xaman-Ha, Yucatan, Mexico.


  1. Hey, fabulous pics. I should shoot you some I took while digging in U.K.

    Congrats on getting into the anthology.

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