Category Syndication

Did you know that WordPress will automatically generate RSS feeds from any category in a blog? So for example, if you like my photo content, but could care less about my writing ruminations, you could subscribe your RSS reader just to the Visions category. Try rolling your mouse over some of the categories in the left sidebar. Your browser’s status bar (if you have it turned on) will show something like this:

Each category in WordPress is assigned a number. Visions happens to be assigned the number 5. All you have to do to turn a Category into an RSS feed is plug the number for that category into the blog’s RSS generator, like so:

And you can do that for any category in any WordPress blog you come across. Cool, eh?

If your response to the above was “What the hell is an RSS Feed?”, try reading this.


  1. I have been using RSS feeds to watch non-LJ blogs. But since you’re set up so that I see you on my LJ friends list, I see your posts that way. And I like the words with the pictures.

  2. Is there some way to be able to comment from LJ or see if you’ve replied via LJ? I prefer to do all my blogging in one place.

    1. as a matter of fact you can syndicate the comments the same way you syndicate the blog (the RSS links in the upper right corner). of course in order to get that on LJ one would have to first create a syndication account explicitly for the comments feed and then friend that.
      I can work on that.

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