1. gorgeous pic! my grandparents were bird-watchers and used to give us bluebird houses to mount in the yard. we’d get a family or two in several of them once or twice a year. one of the handful of birds i can identify. very cool.

  2. Thanks!

    If you can’t tell by the graininess, I took this picture freehand from like 30 feet away from this bird, at full extension of my crappy zoom. We were way out on the ice. He was cold and sluggish or I imagine I would have got no picture at all.

    I actually have not seen a lot of bluebirds in my life. Dunno why. The bird book says they are somewhat uncommon, but their range is all up and down the East coast.

    1. Well, that was truly bizarre, thank you. It is comforting to know that somewhere out there, some insane scientists are performing fake research and publishing technical journals of their not-findings. I shall save this for future reference.

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