1. This reminds me that yesterday I was perusing the latest issue of “Green Man Review” and somebody reviewed the book Clockwork Phoenix story by story, giving yours one of the best reviews in the book, along with Erin Hoffman’s, I believe. But perhaps you have already been linked to this. Sp hey, congratulations, although it looks like the book’s been out for a bit and the library system doesn’t appear to have it. Several of the stories in there look like they might be things I might enjoy.

    1. Yes, I saw that review. Very gratifying! I sent her a copy of the Homeless Moon chapbook by way of thanks.

      Maybe I should give my copy to the library.

      1. Well, I just like to read things before I decide for sure that I’m going to buy them. At least, um, most of the time, except when I’m in a second-hand bookstore or at a library book sale. Or on the internet. *ahem* Not that I have a book-buying problem, or anything. Nope, not me. And then there’s been this whole thing about not going to the library for two years because I was a library criminal. But not anymore, I have been redeemed, and can borrow books with impunity again! (or at least, up to ten interlibrary loan books).

        The book as a whole got a good enough review and sounded interesting enough that I haven’t ruled out buying it, so keep your copy. 🙂 I’ll get hold of it eventually.

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