Pumpkins, Labyrinths

This is the original Cretan labyrinth figure that is to be found all over the Mediterranean on ancient coins, texts, a wall-painting in Pompeii, a petroglyph in Sardinia, dating back as far as 2500 BC.

I must say it does look rather dashing on a pumpkin not to mention spooky. Though I suspect the little kids who came to my door lacked the background in classical myth required to appreciate it.

The version I referred to for this carving (just in case you want to make your own) is here.

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  1. very cool! i’ve always been fascinated by the Minoans–not just what happened to their civilization, but how, just like Troy, their fate became legend and that legend was supplanted so deeply into hellenistic myth that scholars assumed it never was a real civilization.

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