1. Not a clue. I mean, I suppose it could be a stonecutter’s mark–a stamp of identification applied by the quarry involved as a sort of advertising: “If you like this fat block of granite, visit Square-Mark Quarry!” I know that masons themselves sometimes mark stones to indicate their intended place in a structure, so this also might mean “this end up”, or something similar. But normally one does that kind of thing with a grease pencil or a piece of chalk, not a heavy chisel. So maybe the most likely explanation is that whoever built the embankment wanted something to remember it by. “Hepzibah Graves Was Here.”

  2. Thanks for the response, I think my imagination was on overload and I thought maybe there was some underground secret history of strange marks, like the colonial equivilant to hobo code. Appreciate the images and updates to your site.

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