Window Birds

I figured out how to take halfway decent pictures of birds in the cherry and shag birch trees outside my kitchen even with screens in the way. I realize they are just your run of the mill songbirds, but around this time of February, with the snow piled as high as it is and not much sign of letting up, even silent winter songbirds start looking pretty interesting. I like the way they get all fluffy when it’s cold.

A Northern Mockingbird, mimus polyglottos

And a Northern Carndinal female.

I also see a lot of jays, bluebirds, dark-eyed juncoes, goldfinches, nuthatches, tufted titmice. Maybe if I really start to go stir crazy I’ll try to take pictures of all of them.


  1. Ooh, they’re so pretty! I also like it when they puff up. We had a bluebird hopping around the yard the other day.

    Where I grew up (in south Texas), my parents had palm trees lining the driveway (they had lots of land), and a family of parrots lived in the very top of a couple of them. They’d fly back to their roosts in the evenings, squawking so loud it echoed all over the neighborhood. They had bright green and red coloring. My mother didn’t like them. I loved them.

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