As It Began

Welcome, ye sojourners of the abstract dimension, to Michael J. DeLuca’s Fantasy Writing Forum, a place where Michael will expose to harsh light the mechanics of his creative process, and invite both criticism and participation in hopes that he may better understand that process.

I, Michael J. DeLuca, am a nominally published (, soon-to-be self-published ( writer of fantasy, horror, and mad-crazy unclassifiable (interstitial) fiction. Now that my writing has picked up a few fans and a bit of recognition, I thought it time to start the tiny snowball rolling down the long and gentle slope, such that one day it may turn to the monstrous, catastrophic Mt. St. Helens of ash and ice I so dearly desire it to be.

So, to those few and much-appreciated fans, I dedicate this niche of non-space. I hope they’ll find it, and see their way to helping me make it better.

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