Mad Demolition Expert Creates Alter Ego, Electromagnetic Escape Pod

This man, Tom Every (aka Dr. Evermor), is my new hero. He has created a tangible, physical, three-dimensional piece of Magic Realism–and not for assimilation into some colossal-budget, contentless movie, but to sit in his backyard and collect time and awe and dust! I don’t even know if I can call this Magic Realism, though the spirit is certainly there. One ought perhaps to coin a still klunkier, more self-contradictory term, like Science Fiction Realism–only I’d rather trade my self-respect for a Jar-Jar Binks costume and a kick in the head than do so.
O, why can’t *I* be retired and sit around in my own personal junkyard fabricating alter-ego supervillains to fling across the earth like shards of meteorite to take root in quiet suburbs and SHAKE them until they turn into Phillip Dick distopias and Jules Verne submersibles? Why?

‘”Look, this isn’t Disneyland,” said Every. “I’m not here to entertain you. If you want to have fun here, you have to participate, you have to add your own thoughts into the mix. Boring people are totally bored here, but interesting people have a great time.”‘

O. Well then. Guess I’ll get back to writing.

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